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I would like to introduce myself; Samadhi is my Spiritual Name. This name has come from Shantimayi.

Shantimayi is an American woman who became Self Realized by the grace of Hans Raj Maharaj her Guru. Hans Raj Maharaj is a traditional Indian Master of the Sacha Lineage who resides in Sacha Dham, a traditional Indian ashram in Rishikesh, India. Shantimayi has asked me to teach.

I have been a traveler on the spiritual quest most of my life (for 30+ years), having learnt my first meditation technique in my early twenties, after realizing that just reading books won’t do anything. In my spiritual quest I have met many true masters (and many more not so true ones) and have been to USA and India many times in my quest.

I had a spiritual centre in Bunbury for about 15 years (called “The Centre”) until I moved to Perth in 2001. I first met Shantimayi in Bunbury about 1994. Shantimayi has many disciples from Bunbury, 90+% of these started their spiritual quest at “The Centre”

Although I taught in Perth prior to 2003, the “Consciousness Centre at Scarborough has only started in March 2003, after I returned from Sacha Dham ashram in Rishikesh, India. An earlier teacher asked me to teach in the early 1980’s. I was reluctant to do so, but this teacher pointed out “who else is going to do it”. This teacher also told me that I had to teach on my own (a far more difficult road), rather than be a teacher on behalf of a world group or tradition. Shantimayi has also confirmed that I should teach what I already teach in my own style.

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