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The beginning teachings of the Centre are what you may call Raja Yoga. Yoga means union with the divine, and is India's science of divine realization. Raja Yoga means king or mind yoga. The advanced teachings of the Centre are what you may call Agni Yoga. These teachings deal with the soul. Agni Yoga means fire yoga.
Spirituality is Scientific - True Spiritual growth follows scientific method and is reproducible. There is nothing vague about it. Any teacher who is vague does not know their subject. The success rate of our students is 100% if they follow instructions.
Spirituality is DIY - Spiritual growth is do it yourself, all results come by your application to the goal, there are no free rides. The teacher acts as a mentor & guide.
Spirituality is No Belief - To believe is to use someone else's conclusions for your own. Don't be mentally lazy, don't believe anything you are told. You have to find out and experience for yourself.
Spirituality is Effortlessness - To try (or use effort) is to focus in intellect. Whereas we need to go beyond intellect. We all know if we try too hard we stuff it up, but we keep trying even harder. To go beyond intellect is to fall into the real spontaneous you.

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